Your policy objectives may seem straightforward, but achieving them in a timely and cost-effective manner may require navigating a number of different elements in the political process. Winning support for critical legislation could mean meeting with a key elected official, identifying individuals to build grassroots support or leveraging the power of earned media. You can count on Momentum Public Strategies to develop the best strategy – regardless of the current political climate or prevailing ideology – to advocate your interests. With our knowledge of the legislative process, as well as our network of contacts, we are able to get our clients results.

We assist our clients in developing tailored strategies and programs that communicate their messages to elected officials, governmental agencies, the media, key stakeholders and the public at large through a variety of public affairs strategies, including grassroots advocacy, governmental relations and policy communications.

Our Public Affairs services include:

  • Public affairs planning and implementation
  • Public policy counsel
  • Relationship building with key individuals and organizations
  • Arranging testimony before key committees
  • Analyzing your policy and legislative proposals
  • Public opinion research and polling
  • Identifying governmental resources that may be accessed by our clients
  • Interfacing with the news media and serving as spokespersons
  • Issue management and ballot initiatives

Our Grassroots Advocacy and Coalition Building services include:

  • Strategic counsel
  • Grassroots program development & management
  • Member education
  • Grassroots mobilization and training
  • Grasstops recruitment
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Spokesperson training
  • Coalition development and management
  • Media advocacy (i.e. message development, media training, op-ed/letters to the editor, editorial board reviews)
  • Issue Management/Ballot Initiatives
  • Voter registration and Get-out-the-Vote programs
  • Political Action Committee (PAC) development