Momentum Public Strategies’ strength lies in public involvement planning that brings parties together and promotes citizen engagement and informed decision-making. We bring to the table years of experience designing, planning and implementing successful initiatives and programs. We have extensive experience working with a diverse group of community stakeholders, including developers, architects, engineers, property owners, neighborhood groups, government agencies, community organizations and local businesses.

We offer innovative out-of-the-box thinking, not cookie-cutter solutions.  Please contact us for more information on the public involvement tools and strategies we may implore best serve the needs of your project.  We are certified by the International Association of Public Participation, the only professional association focused on training experts in public involvement.  We utilize the latest industry citizen participation tools and will tailor a public involvement strategy and plan to meet the needs of each client.  Our dynamic, multi-faceted approach to public involvement has proven effective in engaging a diverse group of stakeholders in meaningful ways on many projects and initiatives.

Our Public Involvement Services include:

Research & Planning

  • Public Involvement plan development
  • Stakeholder identification
    and assessment
  • Focus groups
  • Issue research
  • Public opinion surveys
  • Message development

Community Outreach/Organizing

  • Public meeting design and implementation
  • Coalition building and management
  • Public participation programs
  • Public meeting facilitation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web site development
  • Speakers bureau development  and implementation
  • Targeted outreach to key constituencies
  • Education programs

Public Relations & Media Relations

  • Strategic communications and media plans
  •  Collateral materials, including newsletters, brochures, public meeting notices, and media kits


Momentum Public Strategies has provided communications, community outreach and public involvement expertise to dozens of major development, public infrastructure and transportation project over the past fifteen years.  A sample of projects are below:

  • Award-winning, MoDOT kcICON Project
  • Red Bridge Road Alternatives Study
  • Award-winning, City of Gladstone Missouri Comprehensive Plan
  • Award-winning, City of Kansas City, Missouri Greater Downtown Area Plan
  • Kansas City, Missouri Capital Improvements Sales Tax Renewal
  • Kansas City, Missouri Bus Tax Renewal
  • KCATA Light Rail Alternatives Analysis
  • Kansas City Riverfront Development
  • Award-winning, Line Creek Valley Development Plan